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Dilate Family
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This page supports the Dilate Family activity from the Introducing Functions unit. You will construct and investigate dilate functions.

1 Warmup

Can you figure out how to hit the target? How many points can you score in ten throws?

  • Page 2 has a hint; page 3 has more hints.
  • Pages 4 and 5 have slightly different challenges.
Download the student worksheet.

✏️ What do you notice about this game? What do you wonder?

2 Construct Dilate Functions


Download the student worksheet.     

On this page, construct a dilate function and turn on tracing for both variables. Then investigate the relative speeds and direction, and the relationship between their traces.

On this page, construct and compare two dilate functions. Investigate relative speed and direction of the variables. Also investigate the fixed point(s) of your functions.

On this page, attach the independent variable to a polygon. Then investigate the traces made by the dependent variable, using several different function rules.

On this page, you can use negative scale factors. Compare the behavior of dilate functions with several different positive and negative scale factors.

On this page, attach x to the red polygon, and figure out how to make `D_(C,s)(x)` follow the blue polygon.

What did you notice, what did you wonder, what did you learn as you did this?

Use this page to experiment further on your own.

4 Dilate Games

Each page below contains a different dilate game.

Test (and improve!) your understanding of the dilate family by practicing these games.


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