Technologically Embodied
Geometric Functions
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With Technologically Embodied Geometric Functions, students develop conceptual metaphors that directly relate computer-based sensory motor experiences of abstract function concepts. This approach relies on four foundations:

Use the Materials, Support the Work

We’re working hard to create the sketches, worksheets, and support materials for these Web Sketchpad activities. Ours is a volunteer effort on the part of everyone involved, both curriculum developers and field testers, and we make these activities freely available for you to download and use with your own students.

As we develop, revise and expand the activities, we need your help. Email your commentary (What worked well? What didn’t?) and your suggested improvements to the webmaster.

Articles Related to Geometric Functions

The articles and papers listed here are related to geometric functions, by which we mean the use of geometric transformations to provide students with sensorimotor experiences that develop their understanding of function concepts by creating and manipulating the variables and the function rules while attending to relative rate of change and other important function-related concepts.

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