Technologically Embodied
Geometric Functions
Enacting Functions from Geometry to Algebra

Tv(Ds(x))) is the Translation
by vector v of the Dilation
by scale factor s of x.
Try dragging x yourself!

Scott Steketee (, 21st Century Partnership for STEM Education

Daniel Scher, McGraw-Hill Education

This extended paper was presented in the Geometry Topic Study Group at the 13th International Congress on Mathematics Education in Hamburg, Germany in July 2016. A longer and more wide-ranging version will be included in the proceedings volume, available in 2017.

▹︎︎ Abstract

▹︎︎ Note to the Reader

▹︎︎ Introduction

▹︎︎ Geometric Functions

▹︎︎ Design-Based Research

▹︎︎ Enacting Variables and Rate of Change

▹︎︎ Enacting Domain and Range

▹︎︎ Connecting Geometric Transformations to Algebra

▹︎︎ Enacting Composition, Dynagraphs, and Cartesian Graphs

▹︎︎ Performance-Based Assessment

▹︎︎ Conclusion

▹︎︎ References

▹︎︎ Appendix