WebSketch Tool Library  

Using the tool library

On this web page you can create new sketches or modify existing sketches by adding or removing tools, adding or removing pages, and changing the size of the sketch window. The resulting sketch, saved as a .json document, can then be used on any desired WSP-enabled webpage.

Add tools to your sketch by clicking the desired tool icons below the sketch area. Use the scroll bar to see more tools. Reorder or delete tools by using the pane to the left of the sketch window.

(Note: The undo/redo history of the sketch is lost when you add, reorder, or delete tools.)

Delete the currently-visible page by pressing the Delete Page button, or add a new page by pressing New Page.

Downloading and uploading

When you finish making your changes, save the result by choosing Download from the Utility popup menu (below the bottom-left corner of the sketch).

To modify an existing sketch, it must be in the form of a .json document. Choose Upload from the Utility menu and then browse to the .json document you wish to edit.

Sketch Prefs 🔽


Use the commands to upload or download a sketch, or to change unit preferences.

Tap a tool to add it to the sketch.