Forging Connections
Geometric Function Dance Project
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This page will eventually support a student project on Geometric Function Dances.

It currently contains only video examples of dance routines. It can be useful to observe the videos ands identify which functions are being used, and how the dancers transition from one function to another.

1 Masters of Dance

1a︎︎ The Nicholas Brothers

The Nicholas brothers were among the best (perhaps the best) American dancers of the 20th century. Though racism limited their appearances, their dances were spectacular in their technique, precision, and originality.

As the clip begins, Cab Calloway's band is playing, and Calloway walks out into the audience where the Nicholas brothers are sitting.

Downloaded from The clip comes from the 1943 movie “Stormy Weather,” one of the few movies of that time period to prominently feature Black performers. Read more about the Nicholas Brothers at

1b Eleanor Powell and Fred Astaire

Eleanor Powell was one of the great American dancers of the 20th century. In an era in which male dancers were the featured performers, Powell was regarded as the only female dancer who could out-dance Fred Astaire. Judge for yourself...

Downloaded from The clip comes from the 1940 movie “Broadway Melody.” Read more about Eleanor Powell—“the dancer too good for Fred Astaire”—here.

1c Géométrie Variable

This dance group explores geometric figures and transformations in a remarkable way.

What transformations do you particularly notice? Describe each of these transformations, including the time at which they occurred.

Downloaded from Géométrie Variable often performs at hip-hop dance festivals. Their dance style is sometimes referred to as “tutting.”.

2 Student Function Dances

These dances were created by students doing a mini-project at the end of Unit 1.

✏️ How do the dances below relate to the transformations you have been learning about?

3 Leopard Dances

3a Demonstration

This websketch demonstrates several animations you can create using the construction steps below.

3b Construction Steps

Use pages 1 through 6 to see examples of various construction techniques you can use.

Use pages 7 and 8 to construct your own leopard dances. Use the widgets to hide or show elements.


4 More Coming Soon...

Your patience is appreciated.