Technologically Embodied
Geometric Functions
Dancing Leopards

This page supports the Introducing Geometric Transformations as Functions unit. You can view these animations at the beginning of the unit, and you can construct various Leopard Dances of your own as you progress through the unit.

Use pages 2 and 3 to view two different leopard dances. At a glance the dances on these two pages look similar; challenge yourself to detect and describe the differences. Use page 4 to see two ways in which functions can be combined. The original independent leopard is rotated, and it's also tranlated; in this case two different functions have been applied to the same independent variable. Then the rotated leopard is rotated again, and the new rotation is rotated once more. This technique, in which you use the output of one function as the input to another, is called composition.


The sketch below contains all the tools you need to construct your own leopard dance. The first pages illustrate the use of each of the tools, and pages 8 and 9 are for you to experiment and create your own leopard dance.


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