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The first group of complex plane activities is now available:

Complex Multiplication: In these activities you'll figure out how to multiply two complex numbers geometrically—a simpler and more elegant way than the algebraic technique of multiplying (for instance) `(3-2i)*(-1+4i)`

Vector Products: Not only is addition in the complex plane the same as vector addition, but vector multiplication can be expressed in the complex plane in a striking and useful way. In this visualization you’ll create two arbitrary vectors, and then figure out a simple transformation that simultaneously constructs the vector dot product (also known as the scalar product) on the real axis and the vector cross product (also known as the vector product) on the imaginary axis.

Euler’s Formula: In the 1740’s Euler applied his limit definition of the function `e^x` to imaginary values of x. For reasons that will become clear, we generally write this function as `e^(i theta)`. In this activity you will use the limit definition to construct the value of this function for different values of `theta`.

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