Forging Connections
Mystery Transformations

In each mystery you are given two triangles that are related by a function belonging to one of five function families: rotate, reflect, translate, glide reflect, or dilate. Your task is use one of the tools to construct an image of `triABC` and then adjust your function (by adjusting the center, mirror, vector, angle, of scale factor) to demonstrate that the two triangles are congruent or similar.

Mystery 1: Each page tells you what function family to use. Your task is to apply that function to `triABC` and then adjust your function so that `triA'B'C'` lies directly on top of `triDEF`.

Mystery 2: On each page you have to decide which function family to use before you apply your function to `triABC` and adjust it to superpose `triA'B'C'` on `triDEF`.

Mystery 3: The function tools give you only an independent and dependent variable. On each page you have to choose the function family, restrict `x` to `triABC` as its domain, and adjust your function so that the range is `triDEF`.

1 Mystery 1: Demonstrate Congruence or Similarity


2 Mystery 2: Choose the Function


3 Mystery 3: Match the Domain and Range


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