Forging Connections
Identify Functions
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1 Warmup

Using this sketch, you’ll distinguish independent and dependent variables.


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2 Examples and Non-Examples

Using this sketch, you’ll learn to distinguish a function from a non-function.


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3 Objectives

This page supports the Identify Functions lesson from Unit 1: Introducing Geometric Transformations as Functions.

By the end of this lesson, you’ll be able to perform these actions and answer these questions:

  • Vary variables. You will drag independent points and observe and describe the behavior of dependent point(s).
  • Distinguish independent variables from dependent variables. You will become comfortable thinking of points as variables that may be independent, or may be dependent on other variables.
  • Distinguish functions from non-functions. You will use the drag test to determine how examples of functions are different from examples of non-functions.
  • Define the term “function.” You will formulate and discuss your own definition of function.
  • Apply your definition. You will use your definition to categorize relations as functions or not functions.
  • Use the term “relation.” You will become familiar with use of the term relation to describe variables with a relationship that may or may not be a function.

3 The Fine Print


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