Technologically Embodied
Geometric Functions
Dilate Family

This page supports the Dilate Family activity from the Introducing Functions unit. You will construct and investigate dilate functions.


Download the student worksheet.      Play the Dilate Games.      Video Step 2       Video Step 7       Video Alice Shrinks and Grows

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14 January 2017: If you drag a free point (such as x or C) out of the window, it now snaps back to the window boundary.
01 April 2016: Updated to 4.5.0
10 April 2016: Shortened and improved worksheet, added an introduction to Dilation Games in main sketch
15 December 2015: Modified Game 2 of Dilate Games to show scale as a fraction in feedback.
14 December 2015: Divided up the worksheet into three separate tasks.
18 October 2015: Created this page.